Chalet Cheese – Who We Are

Founded in 1885 by five dairy farmers, Chalet Cheese Cooperative continues to flourish as one of the United States oldest cheese cooperatives.  Our cheese making facility is owned by our fourteen dairy farm members (patrons) who are the sole suppliers of the milk to the facility. All our patrons are located in Green County, Wisconsin, close to the factory and are providing fresh milk daily to the cheese factory. Chalet Cheese is known for producing unique flavored cheeses through an artisanal approach, master cheesemaking knowledge, and a Swiss cheesemaking heritage. We specialize in producing Baby Swiss, Limburger, Wisconsin Brick, Swiss, and smoked versions of these cheeses. We are proud to say that we are the only producer of Limburger in the United States. Our foil brick with a surfaced ripened smear is an example of our innovation and we are continuing to develop new cheese varieties for consumers to try.  The quality of our cheese is well recognized, winning over one hundred awards in competitions at Regional, State, National, and International contests.  Please join us in enjoying our unique cheeses.

Proudly Wisconsin Cheese

Chalet Cheese Store

Monday - Friday
7am - 5pm

N4858 County Hwy N
Monroe, WI 53566

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Our Cheeses

Baby Swiss Cheese
Brick Cheese
Limburger Cheese
Swiss Cheese