Meet Our Master Cheesemaker – Jamie Fahrney

Jamie Fahrney – Our Master Cheesemaker extraordinaire, Jamie captivates what it is to be a craftsman in cheesemaking.  Jamie has spent the past 40 years mastering his craft in Baby Swiss, Brick, and our legendary Limburger cheeses.  A top contender for local, national and world shows – he demonstrates what it is to understand the nuances that make our cheese so great! A highlight for Jamie is earning the coveted H.P. Mulloy award for total high score of all Wisconsin competitions in 2015.

Neal Schwartz

Neal Schwartz – Once a cheesemaker, always a cheesemaker. Neal has always been a cheesemaker, graduating from Monroe High School – home of the Cheesemakers, then continuing the cheesemaker tradition with working for the Chalet since ’88. And except for his 4 year obligation with the Army and his 2 year call-of-duty overseas with the Wisconsin National Guard during Desert Storm; Neal has been doing what he enjoys most – making top quality cheese. Neal’s says his favorite shining moment was winning the World Championship in 2002 in the Baby Swiss category.

Wally Hartwig

Wally Hartwig – What goes around comes around for this guy! After earning his cheesemaker license here at the Chalet under Albert Deppeler’s tutelage, he went off to carve his own path earning multiple local, national, and world awards in several cheese styles. Chalet couldn’t be happier to have Wally find his way back to us this past October. What’s even better is that he tied with Jamie in 2015 for the H.P. Mulloy award – all this star power in one building!

Nathan Drewes

Nathan Drewes – Nathan would have been a top contestant on the popular t.v. show the bachelor, but that was until he got married this past July. Nathan says his dream is winning the world championship someday. He took 2nd place in Baby Swiss category at the 2019 US Cheese Championship Contest.  Nathan has been following in some pretty good footsteps with Sylvan and Neal as his mentors.  A gamer at heart, Nathan doesn’t mess around with cheesemaking. Nothing but high quality cheese from Nathan.

Rick Buss

Rick Buss – Rick must run on energizer batteries – he never stops! You can find him honing his craft in the make room or the cellar, learning what makes a factory tick and working with customers. His dedication to the industry is illustrated by his cheese sampling trier tattoo. Under the tutelage of Jamie and surrounded by experienced cheesemakers, the sky’s the limit for this guy!

Josh Johnson

Josh Johnson – Josh truly understands what it means when we say Farm to Table. Growing up on a farm and heading to a local cheese factory after high school, Josh started working towards his cheesemakers license in 2005. After earning his license in 2010, he’s been steadily learning the industry since. Chalet’s excited to see where we can take him in the coming years.

Joey Jaeggi

Joey Jaeggi –

Silvan Blum –

Silvan Blum –