Quality Cheese Starts with Quality Milk

-Our quality starts on our family farms-

Hoesly’s Registered Holsteins

Todd and Trish Hoesly own and operate Hoesly Registered Holsteins in Brodhead, Wisconsin. They milk 62 Registered Holsteins. They have two grown children, Paige and Jake. They specialize in breeding and raising deep pedigreed Holsteins. They are active in the show ring and spent many years working with their local 4-H club, as well as the Green County Jr. Holsteins. Todd also served 12 years on the Green County Adult Holstein board, eight years as the President.

Todd is a 4th generation dairy farmer. His great grandfather emigrated from Switzerland, settling in Juda, Wisconsin, where he farmed and milked cows. He raised his family there and Todd’s grand father took over the farm, then raised his own family at the same farm. His daughter, Joyce married Todd’s father EJ, and they farmed and raised Todd and his sister on the Juda farm. The herd was moved to the current location in Brodhead, as Todd took over the operation in the mid 1980’s. Trish joined the operation when she and Todd married in 1988. Since then, they have raised their two children, enjoyed showing their cattle and hosting visitors to their farm from all around the world and the United States.

Todd and Trish take great pride in the quality of their cattle and have always focused on staying small and keeping cows in the herd for long and productive lives.  They have been patrons of the Chalet Cooperative for many years and are extremely proud to produce the milk that goes into making Chalet’s delicious cheese.

Walnut Crest Farm

Jim & Becky Beutel, along with their children Jack and Emma are owners of  Walnut Crest Farm.  They milk registered Brown Swiss, registered Holsteins, and their daughter Emma has her own growing herd of registered Jerseys called “Dandelion Jerseys”. They work hard together as a family, but Emma has taken on evening milkings to help grow her herd. Walnut Crest Farm strives to raise high quality cattle that will produce high quality milk. The family likes to say that their barn is filled with “pets” because of the way they treat each and every one of their cows so good.

Minder Dairy

Minder Dairy started back in 1912 when Dave Minder’s grandfather moved from Switzerland and bought the farm in Browntown, Wisconsin. Dave Minder took over the farm from his father, John, in the 80s and married his wife, Kathy in 1989. Dave milked his 80 cows in a 62-stall stanchion barn until 2014. With the help and encouragement of his three grown children, Matt, Austin, and Molly, the farm expanded. They doubled their herd and built a double 8 parlor and 156 free stall barn. Now they are milking 200 Holsteins. All three children are very much involved on the farm. Matt and Austin work very closely with their Father in hopes that one day they will take over Minder Dairy. Molly attends college and wants to pursue a career in Agribusiness and she always looks forward to coming home to see her cows. On the farm, you can always find Matt in the milking parlor, Austin in the skid loader feeding hay bales to the heifers, Molly near the calf pens feeding and caring for the young, Kathy in the office doing the book keeping, and Dave in the machine shed fixing equipment that the boys broke. The Minder family works hard together to ensure that their herd is happy, healthy, and producing high-quality milk.

Blumer Family Dairy

Blumer Family Dairy is owned and operated by Bob and Sharon Blumer near Monroe, Wisconsin.  They have worked with Chalet since 1981 and moved to their current location in 1997. Chalet Cheese Co-op is grateful for having Blumer Family Dairy as a close neighbor. Bob and Sharon are always there to lend a helping hand. The couple purchased a Lely robotic milking machine to milk their 80 Holsteins. Bob and Sharon have two amazing children and even though their children are grown up and moved off the farm, they still are involved. Their son who is a Veterinarian, does all the farm’s vet work. Bob appreciates all the work his son does for the herd. Herd health is very important to the Blumer Family Dairy.  Their daughter helps on the farm when she can. Sharon and Bob absolutely love when their grandchildren come help on the farm. Bob says, “they are the best calf feeders in the world.”

Riedland Farms

Riedland Farms is owned and operated by Dan and Angie Rieder. The farm is just on the outskirts of Monroe, Wisconsin. The couple has six wonderful children; Nick, Kris, Jade, Alexa, Kaiden, and Kailey. They added two Lely Robotic milkers to their farm. Now the robots milk their 130 registered Holstein and Brown Swiss cows. The family stays busy between running the kids everywhere and doing the farm chores. Angie is not only in charge of keeping track of their kids, but she is also in charge of keeping track of the books on the farm. Nick, the oldest has the responsibility of mixing feed for the cows and the younger siblings feed the calves. You can usually find Dan busy in the free-stall caring for his cattle or out in the fields. When asked how long Riedland has been working with Chalet, Dan said that his grandfather shipped his milk to Chalet. That’s three generation of farmers! 

Voegeli Farms

Two words that describe Voegeli Farms: Brown Swiss. That’s the first thing you see when you pull into Bryan Voegeli’s farm and it will be one thing you’ll remember after you leave. Located in Monticello, Wisconsin, Voegeli Farms milks 250 registered Brown Swiss and runs 1300 acres. The farm started back in 1854 when Bryan’s ancestors emigrated from Switzerland and settled in the area. Bryan’s family has been farming for the last 165 years and for the last 130 years, they’ve only milked registered Brown Swiss.
Bryan is the 5th generation family farmer and with the help of his family and employees, they are always looking for new and innovative ways for improvement. Bryan couldn’t do it without the help of his brother Jim and his son Chris, who is now the 6th generation farmer to work on the Voegeli farmstead. Bryan is also thankful for all his employees, especially a few of his long-term employees, Brian Sherman, Mike Christen, and Beiker Vasquez. Bryan really appreciates everything they do on the farm.
They love working with their Brown Swiss cattle and the farm strives to improve their herd’s genetics and produce high component milk, which is great milk for cheesemaking. The farm has been with Chalet Cheese Co-op for about 25 years and is very excited to see where Chalet goes in the future.
Outside of farming you can always find the family at cattle shows and parades, showing off their beautiful Brown Swiss. Voegeli Farms is proud to live and be active in such a wonderful, and rich in Swiss heritage community. Bryan hopes that the Swiss heritage and farming ways continue to live on for generations. Voegeli Farms believes in sustainable agriculture so that future generations can also benefit from their approach to dairy farming.

Barker Farms

Barker Farms is just one of many valuable and loyal farms that Chalet is very lucky to have. Just located south of Monroe, Wisconsin, Don and Bonnie Barker along with their son Heath, own and operate Barker Farms. Don and Bonnie also have a wonderful daughter, Hayley, who even though isn’t involved much on the family’s farm anymore, is very active in the agricultural industry in Green County. Don and Heath have partnership over the farm. Don started milking his herd January 1st, 1975. He farmed at that location until 1991 and moved his Holsteins over to the farm where they are located today. Barker Farms milks 200 Holsteins in their 60-stall stanchion barn. When asked why he chose to own Holsteins, he replied with “I grew up working with them and I’ve always loved them”

Don remembers the exact day he joined Chalet Cheese Co-op, December 31St 1974. He joined the day before he started milking his herd. Barker Farms has been shipping their milk to Chalet for 45 years. Don is proud to say that he was on the Chalet’s executive board for 33 years and was the secretary/treasurer for 30 years. He left that position in 2012, and that’s when his son took over. Chalet is lucky to have family farms that have been with Chalet for generations, but also family farms that have been on the Chalet’s executive board for generations. Chalet is grateful is for all their farmers, but especially Don and Heath for all their involvement throughout the years.

B&C Bauman Dairy

Nestled in southern Green County Wisconsin is B&C Bauman Dairy. Brian and Carolyn Bauman own and operate the farm along with their two grown sons Brandon and Bryan and their wives. B&C Bauman Dairy was established in 1997 after Brian farmed with his Uncle. The family milks 200 Holsteins with GEA robotic milkers. When it comes to daily chores and field work, the boys work hard with their Dad to ensure everything is done right and that their cows are happy and comfortable.

B&C Bauman Dairy has been with Chalet Cheese Co-op since the late 1980s. Chalet is very fortunate to have farms like Brian’s be a part of the co-op because of the farmer’s honesty and dedication to his farm and to the Chalet is what keeps the co-op moving forward. When Brian was asked if he had a saying for his farm, he made the statement, “We try to do our best with what we have been given”. Not only is this statement true for the farmers, but it’s a statement that everybody should understand. No matter what the weather, economy, or time of day it is, the Bauman family is out there working hard to provide a great quality of life for their family and cows.

Sunset Ridge Dairy

Duane (Dewey) started farming in 1979.  In 1983 Duane (Dewey) and Jeanne were married, that’s when Jeanne came into the operation, starting a family shortly afterwards. Their children were very important parts of the operation.  Jenna – Jodi – Jessie – David.

David the youngest works closely with his Dad and hopes someday to take over the family farm.  Also, Dave & Tiffany Golackson will be getting married in October. As our family grows we love showing our grandchildren all about the farm and taking care of things that you love.

For many years the Meier’s milked in a stall barn, that changed when the family expanded their farm by building a free stall barn in 2014 and a double-eight parlor in 2016.  Currently milking 125 head of Holsteins and Registered Brown Swiss. The Meier’s are very proud of their Dairy Cattle.

When asked about their herd, Dave responded with “we do everything we can so that the next generation is better.” Not only does that include the improvement of the genetics in the herd, but also the environment, nutrition, medicines and everything else that is involved in raising high quality dairy cattle. Farmers like Duane and Dave are constantly thinking of new ways to improve their farm so that their herd is happy and healthy now and for generations to come.

The Meier Family has a lot of pride for their cattle, especially their Brown Swiss, you can see that by watching them in the show ring or watching them in local parades.  Swiss culture is very rich in the Meier Family, Duane is a third generation dairy farmer and Dave is a fourth generation, just like other farms that belong to the Chalet Cheese Co-op. The Meier Family joined the Chalet Cheese Co-op in 1994, and the Chalet has been grateful for them ever since.  Duane has been on Chalet’s executive board for many years, and maybe someday Dave will also hold the honor of being on the executive board for the Chalet Cheese Co-op.