Minder Dairy

Dave milked his 80 cows in a 62-stall stanchion barn until 2014. With the help and encouragement of his three grown children, Matt, Austin, and Molly, the farm expanded. They doubled their herd and built a double 8 parlor and 156 free stall barn. Now they are milking 200 Holsteins. All three children are very much involved on the farm. Matt and Austin work very closely with their Father in hopes that one day they will take over Minder Dairy. Molly attends college and wants to pursue a career in Agribusiness and she always looks forward to coming home to see her cows. On the farm, you can always find Matt in the milking parlor, Austin in the skid loader feeding hay bales to the heifers, Molly near the calf pens feeding and caring for the young, Kathy in the office doing the book keeping, and Dave in the machine shed fixing equipment that the boys broke. The Minder family works hard together to ensure that their herd is happy, healthy, and producing high-quality milk.

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